GoFundMe Service Dog SCAM

WARNING!  Make sure you realize that Russell Claxon has already been convicted numerous times for various crimes, including theft by deception and possession of forged instruments.  Exercise extreme caution if you are thinking of donating to Russell Claxon's Service Dog Fund on GoFundMe.com at http://www.gofundme.com/servicedog1 !

I can't imagine what in his life would have caused PTSD.  He is not a veteran, nor has he, according to my research, ever done anything in his life that could be considered hazardous.  He has also made appeals to churches for supplies for his scam porn modeling businesses, which he attempted to disguise as pleas for American servicemen overseas.


International Association of Press Photographers

Russell Claxon is now a member of the unaccredited and illegitimate International Association of Press Photographers.  He is NOT a legitimate journalist or photographer, nor has he received any formal training to qualify as such.  Be sure to do your RESEARCH first before engaging with him!  DO NOT accept his fraudulent press credentials as valid should he present them to you!


I-Models, LLC Registration Info

I-Models is registered in the State of New Mexico and organized by Nancy Hernandez.  Just because Hernandez is the "organizer," however, DOES NOT MEAN that Russell Claxon is not running and operating the "business." 

If you would like FULL INFORMATION on this company, you may contact the New Mexico Secretary of State.


I-Models Promotions, LLC

Russell Claxon is now using the alias "Russell David" in his most recent scam.  Don't be taken in by (Rev.) Russell Claxon's newest business venture:

I - Models Promotions LLC (i-models.net, Link opens in new tab/window.)


A photo of the "Master Agent":

Please share your experiences in the comments section below, or e-mail me at activemalemodelsexperience@googlemail.com

Your comments and correspondence will be treated with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

And look!  I-Models Promotions is tied to a site called USAMINISTRIES.ORG?


AMM / RC Hacking My GMail? HAHAHA

This has happened before, about this time last year.
I'm not surprised. :)  I'll post the e-mails from AMM's rather pathetic lawyers today, too, so we can all have a good laugh.

Oh, I'm also reactivating the comments section. I need a good chuckle, so why not ...


UPDATE 31 January 2013

Well, I just received an e-mail from another frantic victim.  The person states that Russell Claxon is attempting to get (or already has) a press pass of questionable credibility from:

"US Press Corps" http://www.uspresscorps.org

and that he is attempting to get involved with something called:

"International Freelance Photographers Organization" http://ifpo.net

Both of the above organizations are linked to a person called Vonda Blackburn, and both of them charge fees for services for which there are typically no fees involved.

Keep in mind, ladies and gentlemen, that a legitimate press pass is issued free of charge (unless you pay $10 for having the card re-made when you lose it), and typically by a legitimate media outlet, law enforcement agency, or research organization such as a television news station, radio station, newspaper, or university.  In any case, the person requesting press credentials needs to actually HAVE credentials, which The Honorable Rev Russell Claxon does not.

A warning to consumers and aspiring models, actors, etc.:  If someone presents a press pass to you, ALWAYS ask for a letter of their credentials to accompany it, and ALWAYS research the organization which issued the press pass to ensure legitimacy.  Just a tiny bit of info from Wikipedia on "spurious cards":
Spurious cards
Press passes not issued by a recognised publication can be obtained or made, with the intention of gaining benefits offered to holders of legitimate press cards. Joan Stewart of the Public Relations Society of America reports, “Fake press passes abound at restaurant and theater openings, sporting events, music festivals, political rallies, celebrity parties and even crime scenes. With a decent computer and color printer, almost anybody can crank out an official-looking pass within minutes.”




ActiveMaleModels.com and Models-Today.com are now virtually NOTHING. 

No photos of young men.  No name-and-shame legal stories. NOTHING!

This success is owed to a LOT of people, and THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Interesting ...

 (Use the tabs above to navigate the blog.)

UPDATE:  Since I wrote this post yesterday, ActiveMaleModels.com and Models-Today.com have been reinstated to look like nothing happened.  Shocking.  :-)

Isn't it amazing that ActiveMaleModels.com AND Models-Today.com have BOTH drastically altered their pages at the SAME TIME as soon as I pointed out that at least SOME of

the Active Male "Models" are working in the "GAY FOR PAY" PORN industry!

In fact, models-today.com is completely offline!  I guess I'll just have to forward all of my documentation to the authorities.  HTML copies and screen captures; I have it all in the original. :)  And Google keeps the sites completely intact in cached form, so once it's out there, it's out there for good.

BEFORE yesterday's post about Active Male Models:

AFTER yesterday's post about Active Male Models:



AMM Responds ... Again LOL

(Click the tab above to see info on Active Male Models)

Hey everyone!  Make sure to check out Active Male Models' updated response blog. :-)  You have to wonder why any legitimate company would go to such lengths to make themselves sound legitimate.  Usually their reputation is what they rely on.  But, who said Active Male Models exercises professionalism and ethical restraint?  People have serious bones to pick with Bank of America, for example, but BofA never tosses up these kinds of blogs in response. 

Anyway, here's Russell's blog -- check it out and have a laugh:


By the way:  My Facebook is still working just fine, thanks, you just don't have access to it any more.


ActiveMaleModels.com Shut Down?

(Click the tab at the top of this page to view the main post about Active Male Models, LLC)

Well, it looks like the website for Active Male Models, LLC, has been shut down.  Who knows why.  Maybe the "Master Agent" didn't pay the bill to renew it?  Strange.  A "Master Agent" would have the money to pay for a cheap GoDaddy website.  Hopefully law enforcement have seized it and that's why it's down. :) 

UPDATE:  Unfortunately, activemalemodels.com is back online.  Let's see if we can change that for good! :)

But if you have paid $180 to be on the Active Male Models website, then you need to get in touch with the Louisville Better Business Bureau, your state attorney general, the Federal Trade Commission, or your attorney in order to have your money refunded.


Recent Comments


UPDATE:  If you would like to post comments here, you will need to have an account with Google.  As you can see, virtually all of the comments coming in have been from the same person.  Quite frankly, I'm tired of dealing with it.  So if you have something to say to me, please contact me at 



Any e-mails to the above e-mail account which are received from anonymous mailer services, such as hush.com, or any e-mails which are from non-U.S. services, such as gmx, will be routed directly into the spam folder. 

Some recent comments have come in with URL's to Facebook profiles, alleging to belong to my alleged pseudonym (a perfectly legal method of concealing an identity, by the way).  It should be noted that I will not publish any comments that contain links to others' Facebook profiles or which contain any other identifying information.

It should also be noted that I will not stop my activities with this blog until such time as this modeling scam has been brought to a final end and reparations have been paid to victims.

I will happily consider speaking to the attorneys for Active Male Models if I am provided with their name and contact information.  However, I imagine that this information will not materialize due to the implications of the clean hands doctrine for the owner.


The Models-Today / Active Male Models Business Ethic

I found this on the Louisville BBB website, dated 21 September 2011.  It says it all, but for all the information you ever wanted to know about Active Male Models, Models-Today, or their owner, Russell Claxon, CLICK HERE TO SKIP TO THAT SECTION OF THE BLOG.

And I have some interesting new information which I will share with current/prospective/former victims if they contact me at activemalemodelsexperience@googlemail.com


A Word of Warning

Click here to skip straight to the main post about Active Male Models and Models Today.

While I realize that the owner of Active Male Models has an axe to grind with people who have outwitted him and won civil lawsuits against him, or who have exposed the Models Today scam publicly, I will NOT allow comments like the following to be published unredacted.  I do not know the person who is mentioned in these comments, but should their name continue to show up in the comments posted by representatives of Active Male Models, I will turn the comments over to the people in question so that they may serve the owner of Active Male Models with cease and desist and/or restraining orders.  That is a PROMISE!  

If you would like to serve legal notice, such as a cease and desist order or a notice of a small claims lawsuit, write to this address:

InCorp Services, Inc.
7828 Lane Bryant Road, Ste. 219
Lexington, KY  40504

InCorp Services is listed as the registered agent for Active Male Models and all companies owned by Russell Claxon.  They are responsible for receiving legal service for the company and its owner.

It should also be noted that an IP address has been given on the response blog to this one.  It is located in Europe, not the United States.  But nice try. 

Just a Reminder

Everyone make sure to check out the blog, set up by the owner of Active Male Models, LLC, here:


Notice how he always references some "loser blogger" but never provides a link to this blog?  There's a reason for that:  While he's not the brightest bulb, he's smart enough to know that people can, and WILL, decide for themselves what to believe.

UPDATE:  This comment was just received for moderation, naming someone with whom Russell Claxon has had prior dealings but who has nothing to do with this blog.  I have therefore redacted that person's name.  But the person who left this comment should realize that he is in violation of any agreement for non-contact or any cease and desist order by using this person's name.

Well, my blog isn't a scam.  I'm not trying to earn money with it by deceiving others.  I'm providing information for consumers and aspiring models, nothing more.  In order for this to be a "scam," I would have to be deliberately attempting to deceive for the purpose of personal gain.  Nice try, though, Russell.  No, not "nice try" -- pathetic try, Russell.


Aw, a new Active Male Models site on Google

Oh how cute.  Russell set up a site on Google sites about his company:


He writes:  "Want to model with a great company and a company who is not a scam?" 

Well, in my experience, businesses which AREN'T scams can rely on their reputations to make that claim for them.  Check it out.  It's hilarious.  It looks like an angry toddler wrote it.  ;)

Anyone else notice?

It got very quiet on my blog.  It's like all of those "concerned" people who post comments in a vicious flurry start and stop at the same. exact. time.  Could it be because those people who comment here are always the owner of Active Male Models, Models Today, US Security Agency, US Fugitive Apprehension Agency, and US Court Process Server Agency?  Yep.

I'll be adding more updates soon. :)


Tell Your Story Where It Counts! Demand a Refund! Demand Justice! Send this Report to the BBB

Copy and paste this Open Complaint and Report Form into your word processor and send it to the Louisville Better Business Bureau if you have been approached by Active Male Models, LLC, or are a current "model."  Be as specific as possible.  NOTE:  This form was written by this blogger.  It was not written by the BBB and has not been approved by the BBB.

You can e-mail it to:



NAME _________________________________
YOUR ADDRESS_________________________________
YOUR E-MAIL_________________________________
YOUR PHONE_________________________________
BBB of Louisville
Attn: Mr. Charles Mattingly cmattingly@louisville.bbb.org
844 South 4th Street
Louisville, KY 40203

SCAM: Active Male Models, LLC

Dear BBB of Louisville,
Dear Mr. Mattingly,

I am a model with / I have been approached for modeling by (delete one) Active Male Models, LLC.

It has come to my attention that Active Male Models, LLC, of Louisville, is owned and operated by the same person who operated the now-defunct Models Today, LLC. Due to the background of Models Today, LLC, and the criminal and civil litigation history of its owner, Russell Claxon, I am deeply concerned that my rights as a consumer might have been violated.

The owner of this company, Russell Claxon, deliberately attempted to conceal this from me, and he deliberately attempted to conceal his real name when attempting to transact with me, despite acting in the official capacity of the self-styled "master agent." He has used pseudonyms to prevent me, as a consumer, from being able to make an informed decision before conducting business with him. He does not provide his name or contact information on his website, activemalemodels.com, which makes it impossible for consumers to investigate his lofty claims of professional acumen. This also makes it impossible to lodge a formal complaint with his company, as he does not list a physical address for the certified delivery of documents.

On his website, he claims to be a "master agent" who "manages every aspect of [his models'] promotion." This simply cannot be further from the truth. He charges $180 to post photographs of me on his website. But he does nothing to find me work, and he does not explain to me how he plans to promote my career. As I am not a professional model and therefore do not possess the industry knowledge to inform my decision as a consumer, I find this to be a deliberate abuse of my trust. As many of the "master agent's" potential and current targets are still teenagers, and therefore not likely to have made many such transactions in the past, his targeting of them is particularly unconscionable.

Additionally, Russell Claxon, the "master agent," does not meet his models. It is therefore impossible that he can manage my career, as he cannot possibly assess my suitability for modeling jobs. It is also concerning that he approaches young men online without full knowledge that they are of the age of majority and therefore eligible to enter into contracts as his clients and/or send suggestive images of themselves to him.

Finally, despite what the contract with Active Male Models, LLC, states, I feel that the company has entered into a further contractual agreement with me, through its unsubstantiated claims on its public website, which is its public contractual agreement with anyone who chooses to do business with this company. This agreement is not being honored, and I therefore would like for this scam to be reported to the Attorney General of my state.

Please keep my information confidential unless required by law.

Sincerely _________________________________________________ (Your signature)


You do not need to be a current or former model to respond to the following.

Do you wish for this report to remain CONFIDENTIAL? YES / NO

1. Name: __________________________________________

2. Date of Birth: __________________________________________

3. State of residence: __________________________________________

4. Approached by: __________________________________________

(alleged name of the person who contacted you, and/or the name they gave you)

5. Where approached: __________________________________________

(name of social network or physical location)

6. When approached: __________________________________________

7. Amount paid: __________________________________________

8. Method of payment: __________________________________________

9. Receipt enclosed: YES / NO / NOT APPLICABLE

10. Contract enclosed: YES / NO / NOT APPLICABLE

11. Have you received any job offers? YES / NO / NOT APPLICABLE

12. If YES to 11 above, what kinds? Note any sexual or explicit content. Be very specific.



13. If NO to 12 above, were you told you would receive job offers? YES / NO

14. If YES to 13 above, what kinds? Note any sexual or explicit content. Be very specific.




15. Has the "master agent" kept regular contact with you or given you advice on your modeling career?


16. What kind of advice has the "master agent" given you? Be very specific. You do not need to be a current or former model to respond. Note any strange or explicit/sexual content.





17. What kinds of photographs did you send to the "master agent," and what kinds of photos did he request?
Be very specific. Were the photos erotic/sexual in nature? Etc.





18. Did the "master agent" request verification of your age and identity before asking for photographs?


19. If YES to 19 above, did you provide it before sending him photographs? YES / NO

20. Where did you send the photographs? Be as specific as possible.



21. Have you met the "master agent" in person? YES / NO

22. If YES to 21 above, what was the nature of the interaction? Be as specific as possible. Was it professional? Courteous? Sexual in nature? Did it make you feel uncomfortable? Add anything you think is worth mentioning.




23. What were your overall impressions of the "master agent" in your communications with him? Be as
specific as possible, and note any references to sex.







24. Copies of e-mails and other communications with the "master agent" attached? YES / NO

25. Do you feel you have been harassed by the "master agent"? YES / NO

26. If yes to 25 above, why? Be very specific.






27. Do you want a refund of any money you have paid to Active Male Models, LLC? YES / NO

28. If YES to 27 above, provide details on the amount and where and how to send it.
Note: This will require the release of your name and contact details to Active Male Models.



29. How would you like any of your complaints with Active Male Models, LLC, or its "master agent"
to be resolved? Be very specific.






30. Please provide any and all additional information which you think might be important. Be very specific. If you suspect criminal activity, please record it here and report it to your local law enforcement. If you suspect you have a case for civil damages (small claims, etc.), contact an attorney or approach your local Better Business Bureau.
















Your physical address: _________________________________________________


Your e-mail address: _________________________________________________

Telephone/When to call: _________________________________________________

Do you wish to be contacted by the media? YES / NO
Would you like this report to be released to the media CONFIDENTIALLY? YES / NO

Signature Printed Name Location/Date


How to Deal with the Owner of Active Male Models

Click Here to Skip to the Main Blog Post on Active Male Models - Models Today

Well, I've started receiving [courteous] e-mails from Russell Claxon's business partner.  I hope he realizes I have no problems with him (I don't know him or anything about him).

And, not surprisingly, since I told Russell that his IP address had come up with the spam e-mails he was sending me, those have stopped, as well.

Just a word of advice to anyone currently dealing with this bozo:


If he is contacting you, you can't harass him by speaking back.  Don't initiate contact with him, though.  If you do, he'll go screaming and crying to his "lawyers" and tell them you're "harassing" him.  You keep your cool in any correspondence with him and he has no way to do anything to you.

This blog, for example, doesn't open me up to any liability at all, and here's why:

(This isn't legal advice -- if you're unsure, contact an attorney.)

1.  Slander means that you have said untrue things which have caused real damages.  The owner of Active Male Models cannot prove damages, though, because he has destroyed his reputation already. Also, he has become a public figure due to the exposure of his scams in 2009, as well as his public criminal history from the 1990's.  He has destroyed his own reputation and could never prove damages.  Even if he did try to prove damages, he would have to show that his agency is nothing more than a scam.  He would never do that, and if his lawyer is worth anything at all, he will have been advised of this numerous times.  He also has to prove that what you say is false.  

2.  Harassment You can't harass someone you're not initiating communication with.  If he calls you, it isn't harassment if you tell him where to go.  If you communicate with him about legitimate business with or complaints you have against Active Male Models as his customer, you're not harassing him as long as you keep your cool and keep it civil.  He will fall apart, though, and have a tantrum.  You just stay calm and record all conversations -- and let him know you're doing it.  Never throw away any communications you've had with him, as these can always be used as evidence if he ever tries to say you harassed him.

The bottom line, though, is this:  You can't slander a public figure who destroyed their own reputation and damaged themselves beyond repair.

So stay strong, and stand your ground!   I am, and look what it's achieving. :)


Russell's LOLworthy "Response Blog"

Click here to go straight to my blog entry about Active Male Models

Russell has been updating his blog.  Have a look, have a laugh.  It's insane.  I know first graders who are better at making convincing arguments.  Click it, read it -- Russell would want you to. :)



Russ David "The Model Seeker" IS NO MORE!

Click here to skip straight to the post on Active Male Models and its owner.

I just received word that, upon my advice, Myspace deleted his profile!  VICTORY #1!  

Update:  Myspace has also shut down all profiles belonging to Models Today, LLC, and is also investigating to determine if Russell Claxon has set up other profiles elsewhere on the site.  YAY  MYSPACE!

I have a lot more info - contact me for access.

Click here to skip straight to the post on Active Male Models and its owner. (opens in new tab/window)

I've set up a special file in my personal e-mail account.  A 40-page document where I have everything you need to know about this company.  E-mail me at activemalemodelsexperience@gmail.com and I will provide you access.

But let me make one thing clear first: The LAST thing we want is for Russell Claxon to get his hands on this material.  So when you write me, you can remain anonymous if you want. But if you choose to remain anonymous, I'll need to speak to you on the phone first -- only briefly -- to verify that you're NOT Russell. And no, Russell, just for future reference when you spam me next time: I will not be providing my phone number to anyone other than the person I CALL.

He's been spamming the daylights out of me since I put this post up -- over 200 messages in my SPAM folder (so not in my inbox -- I guess it didn't work, Russ.) ...

Progress!!!! :) !!!

Click here to skip straight to the post on Active Male Models and its owner.

Well, I've managed to contact a several of the current "models" and let them know about this.  Guys -- all of you who have helped with exposing this scam -- you are to be commended!  Let's hope an end can be put to this whole ordeal very soon!


Some fun stuff that Russell wrote on models-today.com

Click here to skip straight to the post on Active Male Models and its owner.

So Russell is upset about the WHAS 11 News Story about him (see the main post below), and he decided to write a poorly-written response to it, in which he makes some incriminating statements -- admitting to harassment of the BBB, admitting that he is nothing more than an amateur photographer (not even that -- I take better photos with a cell phone), admitting that he does nothing more than take photos of his models and put them on a cheap website.  But he claims to "manage every aspect" of their "promotion" ... Well, a "master agent" who is THAT successful doesn't have time to bother with taking the pictures and managing the website.  So that's an admission to consumer fraud right there.  I do hope whoever reads this realizes that 1. I have original copies and screen captures of the site in question, and 2. the website will be cached on Google, so still searchable and viewable.  Once it's out there, it's out there forever.  YAY GOOGLE!

 Oh, and he even admits that he lives in his mother's home -- at age 41/42.  Precious.

Anyway, I've responded to his claims, and pointed out where he incriminates himself.  Also:  He sends e-mails to people with a statement from the Electronic Communications Privacy Act.  It means absolutely nothing.  It only applies to unwarranted search and seizure by the government, or hacking/wiretapping by private parties.  So don't ever be afraid to forward/copy/publish anything and everything he e-mails you.

Enjoy!!! (These will open in the same window, so use the back button to return to this page.)

Active Male Models has a Meltdown

Click here to skip straight to the post on Active Male Models and it's owner.

Well, yesterday, I posted to RipOffReport.com that my blog had been reinstated, after Active Male Models, LLC, and Russell Claxon tried to have it shut down.  That only worked for a day or two.

A while back, I told Active Male Models / Russell Claxon to stop spamming and harassing me with his comments.  And the comments stopped, despite the fact that they were allegedly all from different people.

On yesterdays' RipOffReport.com update, though, I commented that Russell Claxon could add his two cents to this blog.  I wasn't expecting him to have an absolutely massive meltdown.  Within the span of a couple of hours, I went from having about 50 comments (some were my own) to having the current number:  181.  Granted, I responded to them, but even still, I received a HUGE number of abusive spam comments from Anonymous, conveniently and coincidentally after I said Russell could post here.

Well, anyway, read the comments in the main post below. They're absolutely hilarious / pathetic.


Oh NO! Active Male Models, LLC, keeps trying to shut me down!

Apparently, the owner of Models Today, LLC, and Active Male Models, LLC (RUSSELL CLAXON / RUSS DAVID / The Model Seeker) wants me shut down.  Well, that just isn't going to happen.  I'll be setting up my OWN domain soon, and no one can tell me what to do with it. :) 

Until then ... no worries. This blog will remain for now.  Here are all the links I used to find out the information I needed.  The "meat" of the blog is in the post below, with lots of photos, screen captures, etc.  



My ActiveMaleModels / Models-Today, LLC, Story

Would you hire a convicted bank robber to work in your bank?

Would you hire a pedophile to work in your school?

Would you hire a drunk driver to work for your trucking company?


Then why would you ever hire a convicted PIMP to represent you as a model?

The images in this blog are from public media and state public information sources!  You can also report your story to the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION, BETTER BUSINESS BUREAUS, OR STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL.  Follow the links at the very bottom of this post to file complaints.

I may be contacted at activemalemodelsexperience@googlemail.com .

This is Russell Claxon. He's a convicted felon and owner of a male modeling agency, despite having been convicted of PROMOTING [male] PROSTITUTION and having been indicted on two counts of PROMOTION OF A SEXUAL PERFORMANCE BY A MINOR:

All images in this blog can be enlarged by clicking. Photos from public sources.

You can see him live and in action here:

Here's one model's story:

Like the above people, you may have been approached by the following aliases linked to Claxon and his companies: 

  • Active Male Models (activemalemodels on AIM)
  • infomail@activemalemodels.com
  • ActiveMaleModel on Twitter
  • Models Today
  • Russell Claxon / "The Master Agent"
  • Myspace by Russ David (The Model Seeker)
  • guy4you2know1 or sexy502beth on AIM (According to his comments, guy4you2know , guy4you2know1 , and guy4you2know1@gmail.com / Google talk go by the pseudonym  CHADY.)  
  • guy4you2know on DList
  • guy4you2know1@gmail.com / Google Talk
  • KYMODELGUY / KYMODELGUY2 (various messaging services and gay dating and sex websites)
  • JT-MT-37 on ModelMayhem (MT = Models Today)
  • MTMODEL37 (MT = Models Today)
  • MrModelSeeker on YOUTUBE
  • "Rev Russell Claxon" or "Reverend Russell Claxon" at themonastery.org or cristway.com
  •  Russell Claxon at TheMonastery 
  •  Rev Russell Claxon at Cristway 
  • And here is proof that Claxon is GUY4YOU2KNOW / GUY4YOU2KNOW1 @GMAIL.COM 

Here are screen captures of the profiles in question, all found through simple Google searches:

Russ David (The Model Seeker)
(Note how strikingly similar the comment in the second image is to every comment made by Claxon when he's upset that someone isn't falling for it.)

And I feel really bad for this kid.


*Note that the above website/profile requires positive identity verification via driver license. This was found in a simple Google search.*

(Face blackened to protect the person whose photo was presumably stolen.  Also note that the AIM screen name is in the URL in the profile: www.bebo.com/AIMSN/sexy502beth.  And you'll notice in the WHAS news stories that sexy502beth makes another appearance in defense of Claxon -- see the comments on the news stories.  This is who contacted me initially.)

"guy4you2know" on DList
(Faces blackened to protect the person whose photos have presumably been stolen.)

(Faces blackened to protect those whose photos were presumably stolen.)

Note that it's the same photo as in the Myspace profile, and note that the websites referenced are those belonging to Russell Claxon's companies. He claims to be a "promo model agent."

(Note the tagline: "ANYONE NEED WORK?")


Rev. Russell Claxon (TheMonastery)

KYMODELGUY (Men4Now.com)
(Note the tagline is as above.)

So, before I tell you my story, let me share with you some information on the company and its owner. Just Google his name, or his companies' names, and you'll come up with all of this stuff on your own. Think of this here as a clearinghouse with commentary. :) A judge in Kentucky summed up Claxon's business practices best: "You've done nothing to show me you're running a legitimate business. I think you're running a scam." But it might be much more sinister than that, I'm afraid.


RUSSELL CLAXON (verified with the Kentucky Secretary of State)
Age 41, graying hair, morbidly obese, about 5'10"

CLAXON'S CRIMINAL HISTORY (verified by Kentucky PUBLIC records):

Promotion of Male Prostitution (FELONY -- 3 counts)
Criminal possession of a forged instrument (7 counts)
Theft by Deception (most recent conviction)
Promoting Sexual Performance by a Minor (FELONY -- indicted on 2 counts, but not convicted)

And I don't even know WHAT this is about:  Two times in 2008 Claxon asked his church -- St. Paul's Methodist -- for a list of items for a "marine" in Iraq, but one has to wonder WHY a marine would need the items on the list.  Looks to me more like someone is running an at-home modeling "agency." See below for an excerpt, or see page 3 on both documents:

St. Paul's "Tower" Newsletter -- Part 1 (See page 3)

St. Paul's "Tower" Newsletter -- Part 2 (See page 3)


legal action


  • Active Male Models, LLC
  • Active Female Models
  • Models Today, LLC
  • MT Fitness, LLC
  • US Security Agency, Ltd. Co. ("Reverend Russell Claxon" and Clayne C. Moss, organizers)
  • And according to the ActiveMaleModel @ Twitter, it looks like he is interested in getting into bounty hunting (See below.  Maybe that's the "US Security Agency"?  And can convicted felons even own guns???).
  • UPDATE:  US Security Agency is, indeed, a bounty hunting agency.  It is operating under the name " U.S. Fugitive Apprehension Agency ."  Proof below.

Here is the link where more documents listing Claxon can be found and where I found these:

Kentucky Secretary of State - (Rev.) Russell Claxon


ActiveFemaleModels (Notice how there are no female models?)


I'm a pretty smart guy. I even went to grad school -- two highly-respected ones. Fortunately I'm older and wiser now, and have hopefully added experience to my knowledge which allows me to see through situations like the one I was in. But there was a time when I was down on my luck. I was vulnerable, I suppose, and I needed money. I wasn't thinking clearly. I was approached by someone on AOL Instant Messenger who called herself "sexy502beth." She said I had "the look" for modeling and wanted to put me in touch with her "agent," Russell Claxon. I corresponded with Russell for a bit, and he told me I should come to Louisville for him to take pictures of me and to sign me up for modeling. I paid a fee (in the hundreds of dollars) for these "services."   I didn't know at the time that it's unheard of to pay a fee for modeling and that legitimate modeling agencies rely on commissions from your work to make their money. Oops.

Anyway, after talking to Russell, "Beth" signed back in and told me she would find it really exciting if I engaged in sexual acts with another male in front of my webcam, and also asked me for nude pictures of myself. Fortunately, I said NO to both.

Fast forward a few days later: I drove to Louisville and met with Russell at a McDonald's (yes, I should have known right then that I was being defrauded). Russell brought a young man with him and said that the young man had just come from working in New York and had made over $1,000 / hour. Then he pushed a contract in front of me, had me read it and sign it, and hand over a check for $450. Then we went to a Louisville park and he took photos of me. Those photos never made it to his website, and he never once found any sort of work for me. Furious, I demanded my money back and threatened to report the incident to the Better Business Bureau. Russell said he had a paralegal agency who would sort me out if I caused trouble.  I cut my losses.

My story seems to have ended a lot better than most, though. Fortunately for me, unfortunately for others. Check out these news stories from WHAS 11 in Louisville, where a reporter finally nailed Russell Claxon after a number of young men came forward with stories much more horrendous than my own:

(You'll notice that the comments in defense of Claxon/AMM/MT, LLC are curiously similar. Could it be that the same person is writing them, including "sexy502beth"? I would think so.)

When I saw these stories, I was horrified. That could have been me. When I thought I had just been scammed for money, I was angry, but when I realized what Claxon could have originally planned for me, I felt absolutely violated. Now that I'm older, I can't imagine how these young men must feel, and it infuriates me that little to nothing has been done about it. When I learned that Russell had been doing this since God-knows-when, I was speechless.

Let me link you to a few blogs where Claxon allegedly contacted other young men online:

Check out his RipOffReport:

The rebuttals in favor of Claxon / AMM / MT, LLC are strikingly similar to each other, aren't they? What would you bet that Claxon himself wrote all of them?

Claxon / AMM / MT, LLC absolutely despise the Better Business Bureau, and it's easy to see why:

... and so on. Apparently, Claxon and his "companies" made national news!


It's an absolutely EMPTY threat, and you're doing nothing wrong by stating your case publicly or airing your grievances to your state's attorney general, police, or Better Business Bureau.  Stand your ground or ignore him altogether. And if anything has happened to you or your children because of him or his companies, you should keep a record of it and go to the police.  And remember:  Say whatever you want, as long as it's the truth!  You are protected by the First Amendment to do so!

Stay safe!

This is who you contact to file complaints:

U.S. Federal Trade Commission Complaint Assistant

Better Business Bureau of Louisville

Your State Attorney General (List)

And do not hesitate to contact your local law enforcement authority.

Since most comments coming in have been from Claxon (always anonymously but obviously from the same person) in the form of abusive, harassing, and/or insulting and unproductive commentary, comments have been disabled.  Comments have been re-enabled. :)  Here is a photographic record of comments received to date.  Contact me at activemalemodelsexperience@googlemail.com if you would like to share information that you might like for me to post here.

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