Progress!!!! :) !!!

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Well, I've managed to contact a several of the current "models" and let them know about this.  Guys -- all of you who have helped with exposing this scam -- you are to be commended!  Let's hope an end can be put to this whole ordeal very soon!


  1. You have manage to scam people and you have contacted no current models. If you had then people would be posting there names and complaints. There you go slander a GREAT company like Active Male Models.

  2. I have their names. You do not. You will not have them. If the young men want me to publish their names, even then I won't do it. My purpose with this blog is to PROTECT THEM FROM YOU.

  3. hey joe..If I were you I would not be giving out a phone number etc..Russell will use one his "guys" like the clayne c moss guy that runs the bail enforcement agency or use someone else to try and pretend to contact you to get the info..remember Russell is obcessed with this website and will be constantly trying to spam, email and find out who you are and any of that info you have..just my opinion..he has no life and lives to scam people and has done so for over 15 years..just a heads up

    1. Oh yeah. No worries there. I don't have a USA phone number, anyway, so if he did call it, he would be paying about $5/minute haha

      Plus I can just block my number when I make a phone call. No problem.

    2. Plus I plan to issue a cease and desist order as soon as I pass along my details, and I will file an injunction to keep him from using my name. And if he does? Well, criminal harassment and a restraining order.

      I'm smarter than he is. :)

  4. The fact you don't use a us number proves you must be a scammer trying to get peoples info. If you were so sure you had this guy then you would not worry about if he knows who you are.

    You can't issue a cease and desist order because you don;t know he is contacting you. You have no proof who is posting on your blog.

    You can't get a injunction to stop him from using your name. You have no legal just cause to do so. The fact is you have slandered his name and harassed him so much if he knew who you were he could file those on you and win with flying colors.

    1. No, it proves I don't have a US number. BILLIONS of people don't have US numbers, particularly those among us who spend most of our lives in other countries outside the US.

      A cease and desist order CAN be issued, because all of the e-mails I've received indicate the same IP address: -- and they were all sent within minutes of each other.

      I do have a legal just cause to obtain an injunction, based on the comments you have left here on this blog and the e-mails you have sent me.

      I can't harass someone who keeps contacting me, either.

      And a PERSON does not win a suit involving criminal charges. The GOVERNMENT wins those, because crimes are prosecuted by GOVERNMENTS and not Russell Claxon. Thanks for reminding me, though, to contact Ft. Campbell to let them know about U.S. Security Agency. I'm sure the commanding officers will want to know what their soldier is up to.

  5. People who are running scams like you have fake number because you think it hides you but it does not. You have lived outside US only in your dreams. Maybe the smelly basement at your moms house is outside US to you but to us smart people it is not.

    A cease and desist order can not be issued because for one you would have to provide real info about yourself which you will not. And two you have to make sure Russell gets it. Just ramdon mail to someone is not legal service. That ip address is in GA and I thought you said Russell lived in Louisville. Get your lies straight6 you stumbling over the lies now. through

    Atlanta, Georgia

    You do not have just cause to get a injunction because you have to prove who sent them and you can not do so. If you file a bogus court action then you can be sued but you would not do that because yo0u would not wanting people to know who you are.

    You have harassed people and companies which you have no just cause to call scam and that in itself is slander.

    Again you are harassing people who have done nothing. You need to get a life and stop harassing people. Just because a person has a box number at Ft. Campbell does not mean there working there. The US Postal service has nothing to do with a base. You should really stop harassing people who have done nothing to you.

  6. It only proves your running a scam and hiding because you know you would be sued and lose anything you own.