Just a Reminder

Everyone make sure to check out the blog, set up by the owner of Active Male Models, LLC, here:


Notice how he always references some "loser blogger" but never provides a link to this blog?  There's a reason for that:  While he's not the brightest bulb, he's smart enough to know that people can, and WILL, decide for themselves what to believe.

UPDATE:  This comment was just received for moderation, naming someone with whom Russell Claxon has had prior dealings but who has nothing to do with this blog.  I have therefore redacted that person's name.  But the person who left this comment should realize that he is in violation of any agreement for non-contact or any cease and desist order by using this person's name.

Well, my blog isn't a scam.  I'm not trying to earn money with it by deceiving others.  I'm providing information for consumers and aspiring models, nothing more.  In order for this to be a "scam," I would have to be deliberately attempting to deceive for the purpose of personal gain.  Nice try, though, Russell.  No, not "nice try" -- pathetic try, Russell.

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