Some fun stuff that Russell wrote on models-today.com

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So Russell is upset about the WHAS 11 News Story about him (see the main post below), and he decided to write a poorly-written response to it, in which he makes some incriminating statements -- admitting to harassment of the BBB, admitting that he is nothing more than an amateur photographer (not even that -- I take better photos with a cell phone), admitting that he does nothing more than take photos of his models and put them on a cheap website.  But he claims to "manage every aspect" of their "promotion" ... Well, a "master agent" who is THAT successful doesn't have time to bother with taking the pictures and managing the website.  So that's an admission to consumer fraud right there.  I do hope whoever reads this realizes that 1. I have original copies and screen captures of the site in question, and 2. the website will be cached on Google, so still searchable and viewable.  Once it's out there, it's out there forever.  YAY GOOGLE!

 Oh, and he even admits that he lives in his mother's home -- at age 41/42.  Precious.

Anyway, I've responded to his claims, and pointed out where he incriminates himself.  Also:  He sends e-mails to people with a statement from the Electronic Communications Privacy Act.  It means absolutely nothing.  It only applies to unwarranted search and seizure by the government, or hacking/wiretapping by private parties.  So don't ever be afraid to forward/copy/publish anything and everything he e-mails you.

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  1. This scam blogger must be a meth head because nothing said he lived with his mom. It said the lame news guy went to his moms house. Not that he lived there.
    I read the BBB harassed Russell and his company.
    Russell did not harass the BBB.

    No where on those pages was Russell called a master agent? Is this guy high?

    We all think he web site is not cheap and it is well done.

    The response was not poorly done. It was done well and showed many good things about ho people owed the company money and filed fraud law suits which he won all but one.

    Funny how you blocked out Dever's name.

    You need to talk to a real lawyer because you don't not know a thing about the email protection.

    Your a said person to spend all your time looking up Russell. WoW what a loser you are.

    Get a job!!

  2. And Russell spends a lot of time looking up himself - it always shows up in my stats. :)

  3. I am sure Russell has more to do then worry about this scam your running. I am sure the only thing he is worried about is finding out who you are and then filing suit on your for all the illegal stuff you done. Since your scared to face his lawyers.