Active Male Models has a Meltdown

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Well, yesterday, I posted to RipOffReport.com that my blog had been reinstated, after Active Male Models, LLC, and Russell Claxon tried to have it shut down.  That only worked for a day or two.

A while back, I told Active Male Models / Russell Claxon to stop spamming and harassing me with his comments.  And the comments stopped, despite the fact that they were allegedly all from different people.

On yesterdays' RipOffReport.com update, though, I commented that Russell Claxon could add his two cents to this blog.  I wasn't expecting him to have an absolutely massive meltdown.  Within the span of a couple of hours, I went from having about 50 comments (some were my own) to having the current number:  181.  Granted, I responded to them, but even still, I received a HUGE number of abusive spam comments from Anonymous, conveniently and coincidentally after I said Russell could post here.

Well, anyway, read the comments in the main post below. They're absolutely hilarious / pathetic.

1 comment:

  1. How can a company have a melt down? This meth head needs to stop smoking dope.

    If you don't want people posting on your blog then take it down. When you put this up you opened the door for anyone to post what they like even thou you only post what you want because your scared for the truth to get out.

    I have not seen Active Male Models post anything on this blog. All I seen was you tel lies about a great company and slander there name with out just cause.

    Your the most pathetic person I have ever met. A person with a job and life would not spend his time telling lies and spreading spam like you do.