How to Deal with the Owner of Active Male Models

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Well, I've started receiving [courteous] e-mails from Russell Claxon's business partner.  I hope he realizes I have no problems with him (I don't know him or anything about him).

And, not surprisingly, since I told Russell that his IP address had come up with the spam e-mails he was sending me, those have stopped, as well.

Just a word of advice to anyone currently dealing with this bozo:


If he is contacting you, you can't harass him by speaking back.  Don't initiate contact with him, though.  If you do, he'll go screaming and crying to his "lawyers" and tell them you're "harassing" him.  You keep your cool in any correspondence with him and he has no way to do anything to you.

This blog, for example, doesn't open me up to any liability at all, and here's why:

(This isn't legal advice -- if you're unsure, contact an attorney.)

1.  Slander means that you have said untrue things which have caused real damages.  The owner of Active Male Models cannot prove damages, though, because he has destroyed his reputation already. Also, he has become a public figure due to the exposure of his scams in 2009, as well as his public criminal history from the 1990's.  He has destroyed his own reputation and could never prove damages.  Even if he did try to prove damages, he would have to show that his agency is nothing more than a scam.  He would never do that, and if his lawyer is worth anything at all, he will have been advised of this numerous times.  He also has to prove that what you say is false.  

2.  Harassment You can't harass someone you're not initiating communication with.  If he calls you, it isn't harassment if you tell him where to go.  If you communicate with him about legitimate business with or complaints you have against Active Male Models as his customer, you're not harassing him as long as you keep your cool and keep it civil.  He will fall apart, though, and have a tantrum.  You just stay calm and record all conversations -- and let him know you're doing it.  Never throw away any communications you've had with him, as these can always be used as evidence if he ever tries to say you harassed him.

The bottom line, though, is this:  You can't slander a public figure who destroyed their own reputation and damaged themselves beyond repair.

So stay strong, and stand your ground!   I am, and look what it's achieving. :)

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