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Many of the "models" for this company, as well as Models Today, work for so-called
"gay for pay" pornography sites.  I have found several at BROKESTRAIGHTBOYS.COM And many of the models simply pay their $180 for a one-year "subscription" to have their photos posted on the grossly unprofessional, but are never placed in modeling or pornography jobs.  While gay pornography itself is not illegal, I see a very serious element of fraud in Active Male Models' business models.

I suppose Active Male Models stays afloat through selling models to the gay porn industry, since the owner has no other job and has never produced any evidence that his "models" are placed in jobs, and yet I have been told by more than one of the "models" that the owner drives only rental cars -- all the time -- and flies around the country -- all the time.  That would not be possible on $180 per person with zero commissions, particularly when one considers the allegations of bankruptcy.

Also noteworthy:  Many of the "models" who are sold by Active Male Models to the gay porn industry are current members of the United States military.  I will be contacting bases where this agent has been known to recruit.

The media or law enforcement may contact me at if they would like to review the evidence I have gathered regarding this matter. I have HTML copies and screen captures of the models/porn actors in question.

If you are a resident of Florida, California, or Texas, please note:  It is ILLEGAL for a "modeling agent" to recruit or otherwise engage in business in your state without a license.  Active Male Models, Models Today, and Russell Claxon are NOT licensed agents!!!! 

You may check the credentials of any "agent" who approaches you here:


This is a very telling Facebook conversation I had with one of the former (current?) "models," which tipped me off about Active Male Models' dealings with the "gay for pay" porn industry.  Since the person who had this conversation with me is now allied with the owner of Active Male Models, I no longer feel the need to keep the conversation private:

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