I-Models Promotions / Active Male Models SCAM

Would you hire a convicted bank robber to work in your bank?

Would you hire a pedophile to work in your school?

Would you hire a drunk driver to work for your trucking company?


Then why would you ever hire a convicted PIMP to represent you as a model?

The images in this blog are from public media and state public information sources!  You can also report your story to the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION, BETTER BUSINESS BUREAUS, OR STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL.  Follow the links at the very bottom of this post to file complaints.

I may be contacted at activemalemodelsexperience@googlemail.com .

This is Russell Claxon. He's a convicted felon and owner of a male modeling agency, despite having been convicted of PROMOTING [male] PROSTITUTION and having been indicted on two counts of PROMOTION OF A SEXUAL PERFORMANCE BY A MINOR:

All images in this blog can be enlarged by clicking. Photos from public sources.

You can see him live and in action here:

Here's one model's story:

Like the above people, you may have been approached by the following aliases linked to Claxon and his companies: 

  • Active Male Models (activemalemodels on AIM)
  • infomail@activemalemodels.com
  • ActiveMaleModel on Twitter
  • Models Today
  • Russell Claxon / "The Master Agent"
  • Myspace by Russ David (The Model Seeker)
  • guy4you2know1 or sexy502beth on AIM (According to his comments, guy4you2know , guy4you2know1 , and guy4you2know1@gmail.com / Google talk go by the pseudonym  CHADY.)  
  • guy4you2know on DList
  • guy4you2know1@gmail.com / Google Talk
  • KYMODELGUY / KYMODELGUY2 (various messaging services and gay dating and sex websites)
  • JT-MT-37 on ModelMayhem (MT = Models Today)
  • MTMODEL37 (MT = Models Today)
  • MrModelSeeker on YOUTUBE
  • "Rev Russell Claxon" or "Reverend Russell Claxon" at themonastery.org or cristway.com
  •  Russell Claxon at TheMonastery 
  •  Rev Russell Claxon at Cristway 
  • And here is proof that Claxon is GUY4YOU2KNOW / GUY4YOU2KNOW1 @GMAIL.COM 

Here are screen captures of the profiles in question, all found through simple Google searches:

Russ David (The Model Seeker)
(Note how strikingly similar the comment in the second image is to every comment made by Claxon when he's upset that someone isn't falling for it.)

And I feel really bad for this kid.


*Note that the above website/profile requires positive identity verification via driver license. This was found in a simple Google search.*

(Face blackened to protect the person whose photo was presumably stolen.  Also note that the AIM screen name is in the URL in the profile: www.bebo.com/AIMSN/sexy502beth.  And you'll notice in the WHAS news stories that sexy502beth makes another appearance in defense of Claxon -- see the comments on the news stories.  This is who contacted me initially.)

"guy4you2know" on DList
(Faces blackened to protect the person whose photos have presumably been stolen.)

(Faces blackened to protect those whose photos were presumably stolen.)

Note that it's the same photo as in the Myspace profile, and note that the websites referenced are those belonging to Russell Claxon's companies. He claims to be a "promo model agent."

(Note the tagline: "ANYONE NEED WORK?")


Rev. Russell Claxon (TheMonastery)

KYMODELGUY (Men4Now.com)
(Note the tagline is as above.)

So, before I tell you my story, let me share with you some information on the company and its owner. Just Google his name, or his companies' names, and you'll come up with all of this stuff on your own. Think of this here as a clearinghouse with commentary. :) A judge in Kentucky summed up Claxon's business practices best: "You've done nothing to show me you're running a legitimate business. I think you're running a scam." But it might be much more sinister than that, I'm afraid.


RUSSELL CLAXON (verified with the Kentucky Secretary of State)
Age 41, graying hair, morbidly obese, about 5'10"

CLAXON'S CRIMINAL HISTORY (verified by Kentucky PUBLIC records):

Promotion of Male Prostitution (FELONY -- 3 counts)
Criminal possession of a forged instrument (7 counts)
Theft by Deception (most recent conviction)
Promoting Sexual Performance by a Minor (FELONY -- indicted on 2 counts, but not convicted)

And I don't even know WHAT this is about:  Two times in 2008 Claxon asked his church -- St. Paul's Methodist -- for a list of items for a "marine" in Iraq, but one has to wonder WHY a marine would need the items on the list.  Looks to me more like someone is running an at-home modeling "agency." See below for an excerpt, or see page 3 on both documents:

St. Paul's "Tower" Newsletter -- Part 1 (See page 3)

St. Paul's "Tower" Newsletter -- Part 2 (See page 3)


legal action


  • Active Male Models, LLC
  • Active Female Models
  • Models Today, LLC
  • MT Fitness, LLC
  • US Security Agency, Ltd. Co. ("Reverend Russell Claxon" and Clayne C. Moss, organizers)
  • And according to the ActiveMaleModel @ Twitter, it looks like he is interested in getting into bounty hunting (See below.  Maybe that's the "US Security Agency"?  And can convicted felons even own guns???).
  • UPDATE:  US Security Agency is, indeed, a bounty hunting agency.  It is operating under the name " U.S. Fugitive Apprehension Agency ."  Proof below.

Here is the link where more documents listing Claxon can be found and where I found these:

Kentucky Secretary of State - (Rev.) Russell Claxon


ActiveFemaleModels (Notice how there are no female models?)


I'm a pretty smart guy. I even went to grad school -- two highly-respected ones. Fortunately I'm older and wiser now, and have hopefully added experience to my knowledge which allows me to see through situations like the one I was in. But there was a time when I was down on my luck. I was vulnerable, I suppose, and I needed money. I wasn't thinking clearly. I was approached by someone on AOL Instant Messenger who called herself "sexy502beth." She said I had "the look" for modeling and wanted to put me in touch with her "agent," Russell Claxon. I corresponded with Russell for a bit, and he told me I should come to Louisville for him to take pictures of me and to sign me up for modeling. I paid a fee (in the hundreds of dollars) for these "services."   I didn't know at the time that it's unheard of to pay a fee for modeling and that legitimate modeling agencies rely on commissions from your work to make their money. Oops.

Anyway, after talking to Russell, "Beth" signed back in and told me she would find it really exciting if I engaged in sexual acts with another male in front of my webcam, and also asked me for nude pictures of myself. Fortunately, I said NO to both.

Fast forward a few days later: I drove to Louisville and met with Russell at a McDonald's (yes, I should have known right then that I was being defrauded). Russell brought a young man with him and said that the young man had just come from working in New York and had made over $1,000 / hour. Then he pushed a contract in front of me, had me read it and sign it, and hand over a check for $450. Then we went to a Louisville park and he took photos of me. Those photos never made it to his website, and he never once found any sort of work for me. Furious, I demanded my money back and threatened to report the incident to the Better Business Bureau. Russell said he had a paralegal agency who would sort me out if I caused trouble.  I cut my losses.

My story seems to have ended a lot better than most, though. Fortunately for me, unfortunately for others. Check out these news stories from WHAS 11 in Louisville, where a reporter finally nailed Russell Claxon after a number of young men came forward with stories much more horrendous than my own:

(You'll notice that the comments in defense of Claxon/AMM/MT, LLC are curiously similar. Could it be that the same person is writing them, including "sexy502beth"? I would think so.)

When I saw these stories, I was horrified. That could have been me. When I thought I had just been scammed for money, I was angry, but when I realized what Claxon could have originally planned for me, I felt absolutely violated. Now that I'm older, I can't imagine how these young men must feel, and it infuriates me that little to nothing has been done about it. When I learned that Russell had been doing this since God-knows-when, I was speechless.

Let me link you to a few blogs where Claxon allegedly contacted other young men online:

Check out his RipOffReport:

The rebuttals in favor of Claxon / AMM / MT, LLC are strikingly similar to each other, aren't they? What would you bet that Claxon himself wrote all of them?

Claxon / AMM / MT, LLC absolutely despise the Better Business Bureau, and it's easy to see why:

... and so on. Apparently, Claxon and his "companies" made national news!


It's an absolutely EMPTY threat, and you're doing nothing wrong by stating your case publicly or airing your grievances to your state's attorney general, police, or Better Business Bureau.  Stand your ground or ignore him altogether. And if anything has happened to you or your children because of him or his companies, you should keep a record of it and go to the police.  And remember:  Say whatever you want, as long as it's the truth!  You are protected by the First Amendment to do so!

Stay safe!

This is who you contact to file complaints:

U.S. Federal Trade Commission Complaint Assistant

Better Business Bureau of Louisville

Your State Attorney General (List)

And do not hesitate to contact your local law enforcement authority.

Since most comments coming in have been from Claxon (always anonymously but obviously from the same person) in the form of abusive, harassing, and/or insulting and unproductive commentary, comments have been disabled.  Comments have been re-enabled. :)  Here is a photographic record of comments received to date.  Contact me at activemalemodelsexperience@googlemail.com if you would like to share information that you might like for me to post here.

Also, Claxon has requested that links to the following information be provided:

Active Male Models - What Our Guys Say

Claxon's Response Blog to Mine

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  1. Absolutely vile behaviour from Claxon. Thank you for this informative blog post regarding his scam. Please check out our books 'Shattered Dreams Broken Promises' and 'The Great Modelling Robbery' which exposes the secrets of scammers and fake agencies, as well as our website modelscams.org.uk. Please join us in raising awareness about this serious issue!