Russ David "The Model Seeker" IS NO MORE!

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I just received word that, upon my advice, Myspace deleted his profile!  VICTORY #1!  

Update:  Myspace has also shut down all profiles belonging to Models Today, LLC, and is also investigating to determine if Russell Claxon has set up other profiles elsewhere on the site.  YAY  MYSPACE!


  1. You act like you done something big? If i knew your myspace i could get you shut down. How do you know that is the only myspace they have or he has?

    I am sure he will contact myspace and have it put back up . WOW you really one something by harassing a good guy.

    1. Oh, by the way, thanks for pointing out that the profile DID INDEED belong to Russell Claxon, in your comment.

      There's nothing harassing about reporting people to social networking sites for suspicious activity. :)

    2. No one pointed out the Russell had anything to do with that profile. It is harassing to report fake complaints only to harass someone. Thanks for giving Russell more proof of your slander and harassment.

  2. Dear Russell,

    "The Model Seeker" was operating as a "modeling agent" / "modeling scout," and was seeking out friends under 18. It IS a big deal. And I proved it, so no, they won't put the profiles back up. They can't. They are saving the profiles as evidence. :)

  3. You have no proof anyone on myspace was under age. You can set limits to where underage can not contact you. You have proved nothing. If I knew your myspace I could report you and they would remove it.

    Not like people don't have more then one profile or can't make new ones. Wow you have not done anyone a good service. You only want to make your retard self feel good by harassing good companies and people.