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UPDATE:  Since I wrote this post yesterday, ActiveMaleModels.com and Models-Today.com have been reinstated to look like nothing happened.  Shocking.  :-)

Isn't it amazing that ActiveMaleModels.com AND Models-Today.com have BOTH drastically altered their pages at the SAME TIME as soon as I pointed out that at least SOME of

the Active Male "Models" are working in the "GAY FOR PAY" PORN industry!

In fact, models-today.com is completely offline!  I guess I'll just have to forward all of my documentation to the authorities.  HTML copies and screen captures; I have it all in the original. :)  And Google keeps the sites completely intact in cached form, so once it's out there, it's out there for good.

BEFORE yesterday's post about Active Male Models:

AFTER yesterday's post about Active Male Models: