UPDATES: 04 Mar. 2014

04 March 2014:  According to the Iowa Legislature, Russell Claxon has registered as a lobbyist to the Executive Branch.  FOR WHAT???  Iowa friends, get in touch with your representatives ASAP to stop people like Russell Claxon from lobbying in your state!!!  http://coolice.legis.iowa.gov/cool-ice/default.asp?Category=matt&Service=lobpic&lobbyist=2730

09 January 2014:  Someone (not me, although the person did use some words from my blog -- that's okay) has posted a new RipOff Report.  It's pretty interesting:  http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/russell-claxon-david-russell-I-modelsnet-helpmemodelinfo-nationalinvestigativereportorg-pressphotojournalistnet-Roger-D-Deaton-clayne-moss-activemalemodelscom-ussecurityagencynet-/internet/russell-claxon-david-russell-I-modelsnet-helpmemodelinfo-nationalinvestigativerepor-1114139

01 January 2014:  It seems Russell Claxon is employing Online Brand Management to try to push this blog down in Google search pages.  It's not going to work, and it isn't working.  We're still right under i-models.net!  Yeah!  Make sure to visit this site daily, at least a couple of times! :)   

19 September 2013:  I have received messages in the past two days from two young men who are frantically trying to get someone to hear their stories.  Russell Claxon now goes by "KC" and "Jane M," and uses two cell phone numbers in order to trick the young men into believing they're dealing with two different people.  This is the same tactic that was employed on me (see my very first post on this blog for the rest of that story).  I'm also in contact with several of the current models at I-Models Promotions LLC who approached me after researching the company.  Watch this site for more information as I determine how to best go about telling their stories without exposing their identities.  Whatever you do, do not send any e-mails with photos to the helpmemodel.info domain!

I also received this e-mail from Russell Claxon today in which he tries to intimidate me by dropping names.  It seems to have been written by a toddler. Folks, I'm writing a legitimate exposé on a business that thrives on victimizing innocent people, and I warn people about what is happening before they become victims, too.  If someone is about to be hit by a car, you tell them about it before it happens.  He's mad because I've had SEVERAL people send me copies of the contract.  Here is the e-mail, in all of its illiterate glory:

My response to this e-mail?  Dear Russell:  Sign your name to it if you're such a professional.
Interested in seeing the meltdown Russell Claxon / I-Models Promotions LLC / Active Male Models LLC is having over this blog?  It's pretty telling:  www.activemalemodels.com  One has to wonder what kind of bona fide professional with an allegeldy solid reputation feels the need to defend himself in such a manner.

According to the Kentucky Secretary of State, Russell Claxon is now using a presumably unsuspecting woman from Shelbyville, KY, and ex-convict Roger Deaton of London, KY, as assistants and/or accomplices in the operation of his shady businesses.  Clayne C. Moss, a member of the US Army based in Fort Campbell, KY, was recently arrested on DUI charges in Idaho, and is still listed as one of Claxon's business partners.  What is it they say?  You're known by the company you keep?

I'll be posting updates here with various e-mails, etc., that I or others receive from Russell Claxon, i-models, Active Male Models, or any other affiliates.  Check back frequently for a laugh, or to see if there's anything new and interesting you should know about.  You can read these in chronological order, with the most recent correspondence at the top.  I just received YET ANOTHER ridiculous e-mail from an unnamed representative of U. S. Security Agency from mailbox@ussecurityagency.net, this time using Moss' military service as a way to manipulate me into ceasing this blog -- such professionalism!  Follow this link to read the correspondence:  Correspondence with US Security Agency

Here are some screen captures, and I'll be posting a transcript of e-mail correspondence that someone had with Russell Claxon ("kim kim") recently:

And I received this e-mail this week from a blog reader:  

"thank you for putting this blog up. I was approached by this man on social media about 6 months ago and regrettably was talked into signing a contract for i-models promotions llc. While I did make a small amount of money from modeling for him (25 dollars from an underwear photo that he told me was on a shopping website for like 5 minutes) I had no idea what kind of a person he was or anything about his past. When I texted him and asked him wtf was up he got defensive and demanded to know who told me those lies. ive since cut ties with him."

And this one:

"I loved your website that exposed Russell Claxon, but I must let you know that he is still up to his old tricks.
He is using The Honorable Rev Russell Claxon as his name, and has changed his company over to some lady at *redacted*
SHELBYVILLE, KY 40065. Its listed as *redacted*. 
The guy Clayne C Moss that was listed before is no longer in contact or listed in any business associated with Russell. I guess after Russell aquired power of attorney and drained the guys bank account,ruined his credit etc he had no use for Mr Moss.
Russell is still renting cars once a month and driving out of town to do his shady business-prostitution scam.
Russell also uses a cell phone with an area code for Washington DC..just a heads up.
link to him changing his so called businesses

you ll notice if you check the companies listed that he changed them all at the same time back in December.

You had Russell running scared when you had the blog active.
Russell has also joined the US Free Press Corps.. so now he can gain access to media,entertainment events as well as....wait for it.. possible modeling scout...
here is a link to the press thing he is doing.
just check out that site and you ll see why Mr Russ would love to get his hands on some of those credentials..

here s a little copy paste from that website..

The New Discoveries Model Consulting Program is a business opportunity sponsored by the International Freelance Photographers Organization (IFPO). The program gives photographers three effective ways to make money immediately and get immediate exposure for newly discovered models:
  • a) Offers opportunity to start or expand a model portfolio business (photo or video).
  • b) Provides photographers with an easy way to attract models for their other photography interests and assignments.
  • c) Provides models immediate exposure on the IFPO New Discoveries Internet Site.
Russell still rents cars and puts tons of antennas,Radios, clipboard with a handheld so it looks like a cops ticket book in the front window.Handcuffs, Bounty Hunter Badge,US army Chaplain shirts, Fugitive Apprehension shirts, Clergy Parking, and now press credentials.. Someone should report him as impersonating a police officer which he was arrested for before..He wants people to think he s a cop or some kind of agent,which is why he only rents cars that are now used as undercover cop cars like dodge Chargers,Ford Tarus etc...

If I find out or have anymore info I will let you know..but because of your blog he has gone underground basically, getting the businesses out his name and using different names for himself. He is still doing the same shit, but he does it in Indianapolis,Cincy and St Louis... 
I hope you keep fighting the good fight, because he is a piece of shit who deserves to be in prison
feel free to email me any info or questions you may have..
I would love to see the files you have on him as well. I will get you more info as soon as possible
thanks for your time"

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