RDC Media/rdcmedia.net is Russell Claxon's newest business venture (see images below the update). 

UPDATE:  Google has received a DCMA notice to remove this page and blog.  Google has reviewed this page and the blog and determined that it should be left intact because it falls under "fair use" according to US Copyright laws.  On 4 January 2014, Russell Claxon's report was submitted to ChillingEffects.org by Google, in which he says he owns the copyright on the images and not his "company."  Image below (click to enlarge - opens in new window).

 Navigate this blog with the tabs above to learn more before you consider signing up with him or his "companies"!  Claxon's models are often scammed into doing gay for pay porn

A simple Google Image search (image below) revealed that images of Claxon's models are being transported to a new website, rdcmedia.net.  (RDCMedia.net is now offline. Screen captures below. E-mail me for full HTML copies.) Isn't it interesting that the letters RDC just happen to correspond to the initials of the owner, Russell David Claxon?

IMPORTANT:  Do NOT give your contact details to this person.  Most of the phone numbers he uses are Google Voice and/or Android texting apps.  If you're unsure if the number is real, CALL IT.  If it says "Hello, please state your name after the tone," it is NOT a real phone number.  REPORT THESE NUMBERS TO GOOGLE!

Ah, I love Google's webcache.  RDCMedia.net will be around for a looooong time:

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