Aw, a new Active Male Models site on Google

Oh how cute.  Russell set up a site on Google sites about his company:


He writes:  "Want to model with a great company and a company who is not a scam?" 

Well, in my experience, businesses which AREN'T scams can rely on their reputations to make that claim for them.  Check it out.  It's hilarious.  It looks like an angry toddler wrote it.  ;)


  1. if you were a fraud and scam you would show proof and who you are. you wont because you don't want people to know your a scam.

    joe's ugly mom

    1. No, the people I have spoken to about this issue know exactly who I am. Russell Claxon, however, does not. And he will not. It's self-defense against someone who is known to harass, abuse, and defame others while hiding behind his moronic attorneys.