The $180 Modeling Contract

If you would like to know details about the modeling contract, I have obtained a copy of it.  You can access it by CLICKING HERE.  It's deeply concerning that the contract implies that "models" can "work" for this company even if they are under the age of 18 (see p. 6).  Note that nowhere in the contract does it state the name of the "agent" representing the "models."  Who would allow someone to represent them without even knowing their name?  It simply says "I-Models Promotions, LLC Staff" ... Russell Claxon.  When he approaches you, he will not use his name.  Any "modeling agent" who is legitimately looking for clients will have a professional calling card and be proud of their name.

Russell Claxon will not provide the contract to you for review until you have sent him photos, including "front and back nudes" taken with a camera in front of a mirror.  ANY BUSINESS PERSON WHO WILL NOT ALLOW A CLIENT TO REVIEW THE CONTRACT BEFORE SENDING SUCH INTIMATE PHOTOS IS SHADY!

The contract is obviously in violation of the law.  It asks for marital status, for example, and number of dependents.  This is not legal for any employer to request unless it relates directly to the employment -- and this applies only very, very rarely.  And certainly not to modeling.  It also asks for a Social Security Number.  DO NOT PROVIDE ANY OF THIS INFORMATION!

Don't even get me started on the spelling and grammar errors.

This contract says, basically, that you give I-Models Promotions photos of you -- nude and otherwise (basically, whatever Russell asks you for), and you lose your rights as to how your image is represented and used.  It says nothing about how you will be represented in terms of finding work for you.  It's grossly unprofessional, and has obviously not been prepared by legal counsel.

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