UPDATE 31 January 2013

Well, I just received an e-mail from another frantic victim.  The person states that Russell Claxon is attempting to get (or already has) a press pass of questionable credibility from:

"US Press Corps" http://www.uspresscorps.org

and that he is attempting to get involved with something called:

"International Freelance Photographers Organization" http://ifpo.net

Both of the above organizations are linked to a person called Vonda Blackburn, and both of them charge fees for services for which there are typically no fees involved.

Keep in mind, ladies and gentlemen, that a legitimate press pass is issued free of charge (unless you pay $10 for having the card re-made when you lose it), and typically by a legitimate media outlet, law enforcement agency, or research organization such as a television news station, radio station, newspaper, or university.  In any case, the person requesting press credentials needs to actually HAVE credentials, which The Honorable Rev Russell Claxon does not.

A warning to consumers and aspiring models, actors, etc.:  If someone presents a press pass to you, ALWAYS ask for a letter of their credentials to accompany it, and ALWAYS research the organization which issued the press pass to ensure legitimacy.  Just a tiny bit of info from Wikipedia on "spurious cards":
Spurious cards
Press passes not issued by a recognised publication can be obtained or made, with the intention of gaining benefits offered to holders of legitimate press cards. Joan Stewart of the Public Relations Society of America reports, “Fake press passes abound at restaurant and theater openings, sporting events, music festivals, political rallies, celebrity parties and even crime scenes. With a decent computer and color printer, almost anybody can crank out an official-looking pass within minutes.”