I have a lot more info - contact me for access.

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I've set up a special file in my personal e-mail account.  A 40-page document where I have everything you need to know about this company.  E-mail me at activemalemodelsexperience@gmail.com and I will provide you access.

But let me make one thing clear first: The LAST thing we want is for Russell Claxon to get his hands on this material.  So when you write me, you can remain anonymous if you want. But if you choose to remain anonymous, I'll need to speak to you on the phone first -- only briefly -- to verify that you're NOT Russell. And no, Russell, just for future reference when you spam me next time: I will not be providing my phone number to anyone other than the person I CALL.

He's been spamming the daylights out of me since I put this post up -- over 200 messages in my SPAM folder (so not in my inbox -- I guess it didn't work, Russ.) ...


  1. Why would you not want him to get it? Maybe you don;t want him to sue the shit out of you? If you have a non us number why would you care if he has the number. How do you know he has spammed you? You have been spamming this blog for weeks and you have the nerve to say he was spamming you. LOL

    1. ;) Believe whatever you want, Russell. And I have a non-US number because I haven't lived in the US in over three years. And I know he has spammed me because most of the sites he bogusly signed me up for say, in the confirmation e-mails:

      "This request to subscribe came from IP address"

      And all of the e-mails I've received from "Puzzled Dad" and "Concerned Grandma" and others? The full headers of the e-mail messages also indicate that they were sent from

      So how is your Texas vacation, Russell?

  2. through

    Atlanta, Georgia

    Don't you claim Russell lives in Louisville? That is no proof. You have no proof that Russell spammed you. Ok, and that means what. Maybe all those people live in Ga. You have yet to prove much of anything. It is so funny how you think everyone posting here is Russell. Your a pathetic person.

    1. Russell lives in Indianapolis now since his mother's house went into foreclosure.

      And thanks for telling us where you were conducting business yesterday.