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Since I've been receiving a flood of intimidating correspondence from an unnamed representative of U. S. Security Agency, U. S. Fugitive Apprehension Agency, and U. S. Court Process Server Agency, I've dedicated this entire page to documenting correspondence from them.  They are in chronological order from least recent to most recent.  So far, I'm being threatened with legal action and being manipulated by someone with an utterly warped sense of "patriotism" -- apparently US soldiers can do no wrong and I'm an awful person for naming one as an affiliate/associate of Russell Claxon.  Whatever.  This one contains a link to a VAPID threatening letter from Russell's lawyers, accusing me of whatever violations.  Of course, they know they're on shaky legal ground and so they've worded their letter quite carefully, thinking I'm stupid enough to fall for it.  Well done, lawyers, you've rewarded your client's stupidity. If the lawyers knew that had any case for anything at all, don't you think they would've already turned this blog and me over to a prosecutor?  And yet they haven't.  That's telling.  So if YOU get a letter from Claxon's lawyers?  Chances are you can just drop it in the trash.


Thanks for posting the emails which will be used to further the case our companies have against you.

You know you have been warned by a lawyer in the past about your illegal behavior. And I am sure you will face charges as they letter stated.


Rev. Claxon does not have to stop conducting any business because if there is a law saying he needs to state it.

No one ask you to remove the blog but our companies only ask you to remove the false and misleading info about our companies.

We feel sorry for you and hope you find some help. You are a sick and pathetic person.

Here is a easy way to solve this all. Provide your real name, and info to us or the lawyers who sent you that letter and face the court cases and see who is in the right legally. We know you wont do that because your scared to face the courts and be exposed for what you really are."

Number 1

Our company has been alerted that you are illegally using the companies
name. You do not have permission to use our companies name.

Furthermore, you claim the company is a scam when you know nothing about the
company. By saying the company is a scam when in fact it is not is slander.

slander n. oral defamation, in which someone tells one or more persons an
untruth about another which untruth will harm the reputation of the person

Slander is a civil wrong (tort) and can be the basis for a lawsuit. Damages
(payoff for worth) for slander may be limited to actual (special) damages
unless there

is malicious intent, since such damages are usually difficult to specify and
harder to prove. Some statements such as an untrue accusation of having
committed a

 crime, having a loathsome disease, or being unable to perform one's
occupation are treated as slander per se since the harm and malice are
obvious, and therefore

usually result in general and even punitive damage recovery by the person
harmed. Words spoken over the air on television or radio are treated as
libel (written defamation)

and not slander on the theory that broadcasting reaches a large audience as
much if not more than printed publications. (See: defamation, fair comment)

You are here by requested to cease using the following company names,

U. S. Security Agency, U. S. Security Agency, Ltd. Co., U. S. Fugitive
Apprehension Agency, and U. S. Court Process Server Agency.

 You are here by requested to remove these names and all false and slander
comments off your blog ASAP.

If you refuse our request then we will use all legal means to have it
removed and seek legal action against you.

Our company wants to thank you in advance,

U. S. Security Agency

U. S. Security Agency, Ltd. Co.

U. S. Fugitive Apprehension Agency

U. S. Court Process Server Agency

Number Two:


Please be advised you do not have our legal permission to post any private emails from out companies. Our company is not out to intimidate you. Our companies are only asking you to cease using our names illegally.

The owners, Spc. Moss and Rev. Claxon Have not slandered you or harassed you. Nor did they send you any email But we have been advised by them you were sent a letter from a lawyer about your illegal activity.

Your actions has been interpreted as in violation of the Federal Communications Decency Act and may as well violate federal/state laws against cyber stalking. And now you have added slander.

Our companies are part of no modeling scam and are no scam. Saying were are because you have issues with one of the owners is unjust.

Our request was done in a professional manor and in no way did we threaten you. But your threat of posting more slander and our emails is unjust.

All we ask is you to remove the posting and any reference that our companies are a scam.

But we will advise you once your are identified our companies will use the law and all legal means to stop your illegal behavior.

It would be best for all parties to just remove the postings.

Our companies wants to thank you in advance,

Number Three:


Again you were advised that you do not have our legal permission to post any private emails from out companies. Our company is not out to intimidate you. Our companies are only asking you to cease using our names illegally.

The law protects you if your review of a company is truthful but saying our companies are a scam is not truthful. You have no idea what we do in these companies. Since what your posting is not truthful makes it illegal. And the laws will not protect you.

Again your past dealings with one of the owners has nothing to do with our company? Have your used our services and had a bad experience? Do you know if the companies list are actually doing business or just a registered name? I know you have never been a client because these companies are not in full operation as of now.

The fact one of the owners is a convicted felon dose not mean you can call our companies a scam. In fact the owners past conviction was over 21 years ago. And has never been convicted of anything in the 21 years. Did you know the owner had all his legal rights restored back in of 1998 by the Governor of Kentucky and Secretary Of State for Kentucky. He has all the rights you have?

Do you know that all states all convicted felons to be Process Servers? Do you know that many states allow convicted felons to be Bail Agents. In fact New Mexico allows convicted felons right out of prison to be Bail Agents.

You should also know that there many Constables who carry guns were past felons who went through waver program by the courts or had there rights restored?

Our companies understand you have issues with one of the owners but your issues have nothing to do with us. In fact your claims dealing with modeling from years ago. Your claim to protect the public is out weighted by the slander and untruth you are saying about our companies.

Just so you know we wish not to identify ourselves as you have shown a pattern of harassment and providing the public with false and misleading info. This is why we refuse to name who we are.

And to prevent slander charges si to remove the false and misleading info. You have no proof any of our companies are a scam. You have the right to post the companies the owner owns and that he owns it but to state our companies are a scam is just plain and simple slander and misleading to the public.

Just so you know you should be ashamed to post slander and misleading info on Spc. Moss who has served the U. S. Army for several years in the past and did several tours of duty in the wars to protect all Americans. You should be ashamed of yourself for dishonoring his service. In fact without his service you would not have the right to post your slander and misleading info about our companies. That is something you should think of before you keep posting stuff. And we are sure you will say because he is in business with the other owner would subject him to what you have to say but your wrong. You should be ashamed of yourself and you should hold your head low for the dishonor you set to the soldiers service.

Number Four:


Rev. Russell has no track record of scams. From everything we have read all the news told was hear-say. The BBB has no right to do anything. And what your posting is not from first hand knowledge. In your blog you posted none of this happened to you. And any emails you get from people is merely hear-say as well.

Any one with any education would come to see that if any of what was said or posted is true then he would be in jail. The fact he is not shows that he has done nothing illegal. The poorly done news store was in 2010 but Rev. Russell has never been charged and is doing his Ministries spreading Gods word.

Your threat to contact my commanding officers is sadly not a good threat. We am not in the U. S. Armed Services and they have no legal control over my life or what we say. Companies can not serve in the U. S. Armed Services. Only people can.

You are not exercising his freedom of speech. You are only trying to hide behind it to spread your slander, false, and misleading rant.

Nothing you post about our companies is true but that Spc. Moss and Rev. Russell are the owners.

If you had any smarts you would know that the constitution does not protect you from the laws protecting companies and persons from the slander and untrue stuff you post.

We said you had a right to post true info about our companies. Calling our companies a scam is untrue.

Our companies did not intimidate or give you a guilt trip. We only pointed out your poor judgment you show about posting misleading info about a guy who has severed an been shot at to protect the citizens of the USA. If anything it shows how pathetic you are. Again you should never walk with your head high and should be ashamed you call yourself a citizen of the USA.

We are sure no one has contacted you and thanked you with anything relating to our companies.

Knowing what the person has done. If you are about what happened with Rev. Russell over 21 years ago then you need to let it go. The guy severed his time and was given his rights back by the highest office of the state of Kentucky.

{ makes me question their suitability as a business person (and a soldier) } No one with a good education would know people change and find this nothing more then a person who has a had time dealing with himself. When a person has to bully people and put them down they have issues with themselves that they can not deal with.
Nothing your doing is a civic duty. The BBB tried to use that in there court cases but the judge in Ca. Said they must face the courts like any other company or person who has been sued and charges with bad stuff. You have no civic duty protections.

Again our companies have only ask you to remove all false and misleading info about the companies. The only thing you can post on your blog about our companies is that Spc. Moss and Rev. Russell own the companies. You have no knowledge of any wrong doing or bad business acts. And refusing to deal with the BBB is not enough to think they are not a good business. The BBB has been deemed a scam as well.

Just save us all trouble and remove the false, misleading, and slander statements.

Number Five:


Again you have no legal right to post private emails.

But if you were dumb enough to post them it will only show others what a pathetic and sad person you are.

No one is making this a big deal but you. Our companies sent you a legal request to remove the false, misleading and slander about our companies off your blog.\

You were the one ranting about non sense. But only think you seem to be doing is trying to threaten and intimidate our companies.

We have noticed on all we have read is that when someone post the truth and you do not like it you get upset and throw a fit. You only show how uneducated you are. If you did pay for college you should ask for a refund.

Please stop making yourself look bad and pathetic. Start posting the truth and not false info.

You never answered if Rev. Russell has done all you say he has then how come he is not facing charges and in jail?

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